Why Choose Us

We have many of the best people in our industry – individuals who share the passion and commitment upon which our business was founded.

Our strength – Our people

Our team is supported by robust and proven processes with some of the latest information management technology designed specifically for our industry.

But that’s only the beginning. Our people are our brand, our reputation and the backbone of our firm. So, we develop their ongoing career potential. We invite some of the most respected and admired trainers to help take our staff to the pinnacle of their ability. Their loyalty and dedication is not taken for granted and we’re happy to invest in them, their skills and job satisfaction.

Gary Peer staff are highly motivated and exude pride and dedication to deliver exceptional results for all our clients. We celebrate each other’s success – and support each other’s challenges.

A commitment to innovation and creativity

Anyone who has seen co-founder and principal auctioneer Phillip Kingston in action will know just what we mean by “lead”.

Thinking innovatively and not being afraid to be just a little bit cheeky, (whilst totally focused on the job at hand and maintaining respect for all our clients) is our hallmark.

We also believe in transparency and clarity. Nothing should be “hidden”. We openly and enthusiastically share information and develop relationships built on trust. This ethical approach underpins the consistent and impressive growth of our firm.

We are also very proud of the innovations we bring to the successful marketing of property. Innovations that produce the results our clients trust us to deliver.