Selling Tips

Looking to sell? Choosing the right agent is the first requirement when selling a home or investment property.

At Gary Peer we discuss the benefits of different sales methods, the best way to advertise the property, and we’ll perhaps suggest improvements to maximise the selling price.

Gary Peer is fully equipped to assist in all of these areas.

Here are some tips for those thinking of selling:-

Choosing a method of sale: Private Sale v. Auction

Ensuring a premium outcome requires strategic planning, and the first step of this plan is to decide the most appropriate method of sale. At Gary Peer we’ll analyse your property, your requirements and the market conditions to help you select the method that is most likely to benefit you.

An auction has the advantage of building excitement and energy within a defined period of time (usually four weeks). Inspections are at nominated times and buyers have one opportunity – auction day – to put forward their best price. Auctions create a competitive environment and demand action.
 All we need is for two motivated bidders to be in competition and the result is likely to be the highest possible selling price for your property. At Gary Peer we’re renowned for our skill and expertise in this area.

A private sale can also be an effective sale method and often suits sellers who are flexible with inspection times and don’t seek the intensity of an auction campaign. The property is sold when a buyer offers to pay the seller’s desired price.

Presenting your property

Experience shows that vendors who invest in going that “extra mile” with presentation usually achieve a quicker sale - and sometimes a higher price. This also allows you to create a ‘wow’ factor in the home that will leave a lasting impression upon buyers. Adding value and appealing to potential buyers does not have to be an expensive exercise. Here are some simple tips:-

  • First impressions count so it’s important to make sure the front of the house – including the garden – is neat and tidy.
  • De-clutter the entire house removing bulky pieces of furniture, toys and knick knacks that “shrink” a room and create an immediate negative impression.
  • Make sure the house is spotless – dust and dirt are a big buyer “turn off”.
  • Gardens should be presented at their best – time for some cutting, mowing and trimming.
  • Touch up paintwork where required
  • Do handy work such as remove broken or cracked glass
  • Clean carpets and remove odours left by pets that you may have gotten used to – but that a first time visitor will detect in seconds. Includes getting rid of pet hair.
  • Ensure doors and windows all open easily, lubricate hinges to get rid of squeaks.
  • Repair damp walls or cracked plaster

Your Gary Peer consultant can help with every step of the presentation process to ensure that your home is shown off to its best advantage. We offer access to a professional network of preferred tradespeople & home specialists. Whether it’s advice from our home decorator, display furniture/accessories hire or efficient service from painters, landscapers, cleaners, florists and others, our localised team of reputable and accessible specialists are ready to help.


Marketing your property

As leaders in property marketing, we know that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. 
Every property has unique features and we work with our clients to highlight a property’s individual characteristics through multiple mediums. We match the quality of our client’s properties with the same high-calibre marketing opportunities. This means potential buyers are seeing property profiles via a broad range of online and offline marketing vehicles that are rich in information and interactivity including top-quality photography, helpful floorplans and creative copywriting.

From the distribution of web based e-brochures sent by email, preferred online positions with property internet websites, and sought-after advertising positions or editorial opportunities with Melbourne’s metropolitan and local newspapers and property inserts, our clients benefit because buyers arrive at property inspections with all the facts. They are ready to make an informed buying decision.

The sale process

Once a price has been agreed (either at auction or via private sale), a deposit is taken from the buyer and the Contract of Sale is signed by both parties. The transfer of ownership of land from the seller to the buyer is called a conveyance of land. This process is usually undertaken with the assistance of a solicitor or conveyancer. Sellers should engage their own solicitor or conveyance who acts according to your preferences and individual requirements. It is important to understand there are differences in what solicitors and conveyancers are legally allowed to undertake on behalf of a client.